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Primaria Târgu Carbunesti © 2011. All Rights Reserved.
   In the city there is a whole wealth of goods contained in the official list of historic monumetelor such as:
-Monuments, archaeological sites and complexes (Neolithic settlement in the village Curteana);
- Monuments and architectural ensembles (10 wooden churches, some dating from 1746);
Urban areas and rural-historical (urban ensemble consists of 50 buildings, located in old city center):
Besides natural beauty, which reveals the city, tourists are able to cross a rather complex itinerary which could include: the monastery of "Sfantul Iona Botezatorul", the Neolithic areea Curteana, eleven Orthodox churches, Tudor Arghezi Museum who's located at House of Culture near Tudor Arghezi.
Stefanesti is the place of birth, or origin of national personalities ( Professor Doctor I.D.Laudat, writer Vasile Baran), or universal personalities (Tudor Arghezi-Dutesti , Gheorghe Uscatescu-Cretesti).
There are two local parks, Central Park and Stejeret, and a hotel "Gilort" with a capacity of 56 beds.
Tg Carbunesti , Gorj district, by its geographical position allows easy access to channels of communication (railways, European roads, roads, county roads).
It is an important traffic hub, is located 25 km from the city Tg.Jiu, 80km from the city of Craiova, Dolj, 100 km from the city Rm.Vâlcea, 40 km from Rânca resort and  20 km from Sacelu spa resort.
The city benefit from the following:
Centralized water-supply consists of wells drilled, adduction and transport network length of 25.2 km;
Sewerage network, composed of domestic channels.
Power supply is ensured for the entire area of ​​the national energy system through the low voltage overhead lines, medium voltage and high voltage transformer stations associated with.
-Tg Carbunesti receive natural gas supply systems are connected to gas Ticleni structure.
-The city also has a major telecommunications network both in town and the villages belonging, network television and internet
-As soil resources is noted that the city is generally rich territory here is find oil, gas, sand and gravel used as construction materials (gravel and running with four sorting stations located near the river courses Gilort and Blahniţa).
Surface-water resources from the river and its tributaries Gilort as streams that form the valleys of the hills.
-Groundwater resources consist of groundwater adequate capacity. Some ground water confined in complex located at 100-300 m have a productive potential which can be the source of water.
-Network health: hospitals, outpatient clinics, health centers.
The hospital is equipped with modern equipment, with a capacity of about 250 people, with specialized staff.
To attract investors and City Council City Hall can provide them the following:
Work-force both qualitative and quantitative specializes in nearly all fields.
-Utilities engineering services in almost all areas of the city;
-Land area of ​​approximately 4 hectares located in Tg Carbunesti being counted in the private sector of the city (with access to utilities, water, gas, electric power, telephone) as follows:
-Area of ​​1.50 hectares, is located in the village built Cojan, located at a distance of about 5 km from the town, with access to road national.
-Area of ​​3000 square meters, is located in the industrial area east of town (near the hospital) with easy access to networks of city utilities: water, sewer, gas, electricity, telephone, Internet, cable TV.
-Area of ​​2 ha, located in the industrial area west of the city, the river Blahniţa with opportunities to record electricity, telephone, gas and water supply..
- Unused buildings that could be carrying out certain activities.
- The possibility of providing exemptions (tax concession of land, etc..) Investors interested in opening businesses in the area.