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Primaria Târgu Carbunesti © 2011. All Rights Reserved.
   Târgu-Carbunesti is located in Southeast of Gorj district. Together with the villages belonging: Blahnita de Jos, Carbunesti Sat, Cojani, Cretesti, Floresteni, Curteana, Macesu, Pojogeni, and Stefanesti has an area of 137 km.
Tg-Carbunesti population is approx. 8034 inhabitants.
The central figure of the administrative life of the city, is the City Hall Targu Carbunesti.
Worked from 1912 until 1983 under the name "Primaria Comunei petrestii de Sus". The name "Primaria Targu Carbunesti" was assigned in 1924. The building which currently operates the city hall was opened in 1944.
City Hall is the authority by which the city exercises its deliberative principles of local autonomy, decentralization of public services, eligibility, legality and the consultation of citizens in solving local problems of special interest, rights and ability to solve and manage effectively in the name and local community interest in law, with the mayor.
Administrative body of the hall consists of a total of 75 people, organized into offices and services.