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Primaria Târgu Carbunesti © 2011. All Rights Reserved.
Administration Bureau of the Public Domain and Private Tg.Carbunesti City Hall.
In frame of this office the following activities:
-Realization of investment programs in the city Tg.Carbunesti;
-Manage concession contracts and rent, and land law;
Auction-place procedures for implementation of investment, repairs, supplies of services in the city Tg.Carbunesti
-Manage the public and private Tg.Carbunesti city;

Composition of the Bureau:
Supervisor CoriciIulian Sorin
Senior Adviser Ciontescu Constanta
Principal Adviser Golumbu Mircea
Principal Adviser Zorila Cristian
Assistant Counselor. Daniela Danaiata
Principal Adviser Adrian Ionut Calina
Inspector Zorlescu Liliana

- Provide information and publication activities on preparation and tendering, subject to their organizers, deadlines, and other information;
- Draw up documentation, the secretariat and accounting for public procurement tenders, leases and concessions;
- Organizes auctions for leasing and rental;
- Request, analyze and keep track of price offers;
- Prepare the documentation for direct custody cases;
- Controls and coordinates the auctions committed for repairs, maintenance;
- Responsible for keeping records and their teaching;
- Proposes the composition of bidding and evaluation committees;
- Proposes the procedure for awarding contracts for goods, services and works;
- Sets the starting price auctions of leases and concessions of land and buildings;
- Contribute to preparing documentation on the organization of auctions and provides data on applicants auctions;
- The secretariat of the auction business;
- Organize and participate in the selection of tenders for procurement of goods and services and of investment;
- Draw up documents to bidders on the final classification of financial bids and the technical qualities set out in tender documents, or by direct assessment, according to laws in force;
- Negotiate prices for purchases of goods and services from suppliers unique;
- Prepare and submit for approval the negotiation documents;
- Testing prices for purchase of goods or services with small values ??for which the bidders refused to provide written price offers, signature and stamp them, record them and then submit them for approval management Targu-Jiu City Hall;
- Keep in touch with suppliers in the country for purchase of tenders for procurement and testing prices of goods and services;
- Broadcast and negotiation documents approved contract values ??for bids and awarded products;
- Draw up order forms for goods and services awarded;
- Participate in the conclusion of contracts based on the minutes and resolutions of auctions;
- Working with relevant departments and make proposals for auction, according to the legislation in force, we propose City Council approval;
- Collaborate with other services in solving problems of auctions;
- Provides specialized committees distributed office applications and monitors the performance of duties resulting from meetings of committees;
- Aims and ensures that applications, letters of citizens and economic agents;
- Comply with the legal provisions regarding confidentiality of tender documents and their security;
- Keep track of bids and contracts;
- Prepare annual public procurement plan based on needs and priorities provided by other departments;
- Prepare documents ascertaining that contain information relating to the fulfillment of contractual obligations by the supplier and any damage, in accordance with law;
- Shall notify each auction bidders on the results and selection of offers;
- Performs other duties set by laws or entrusted by the deliberative and executive