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Primaria Târgu Carbunesti © 2011. All Rights Reserved.
Local taxes OFFICE
Is part of the organizational structure of City Hall Tg - Carbunesti and consists of:
            - Senior Adviser Cocioaba Ion
           - Senior Advisor Ec Cocioaba Janina
           - Reviewer Superior Berbecel Adelin
           - Senior Advisor Brebenei Iulia Simona
          - Senior Advisor Diaconu Luminita

DAILY OPERATION PROGRAMME 7.45 - 16.15, BREAK 12.00 - 12.30.

Powers in the office - to organize under the law, establishing the development and guidance activities, monitoring and collection of taxes and other revenues due to budget due to natural and legal persons.
Normative applicable: - Law 571/2003 regarding the Fiscal Code as amended;
                                                                   - O.G. Republished 92/2003 Code of Fiscal Procedure, decisions of the City Council adoption of the annual taxes and fees applicable to Tier 3 settlements and villages belonging to (Tg - Carbunesti and villages belonging);
                                                               - Law 300 / 2004 on the authorization of natural persons and family associations that carry out economic activities independently;

1. for motor vehicle registration tax:

   1. vehicle identification card (copy);
   2. Property Act (contract of sale - purchase, invoice, fotarâre law, inheritance certificate);
   3. completed registration sheet under the heading buyer;
  4. proof of payment of customs duties and property documents translated and certified by notary (copy) For vehicles acquired directly from abroad.

2. to remove the motor vehicle tax records:
          - Contract of sale - purchase;
          - Certificate of cancellation (if the records removed from police service road);

3. certificate attesting to tax:
          - Proof of ownership (contract of sale - purchase, injunction, heir certificate, document sharing, certificate and report of livery, title, certificate of ownership under special laws, hot . the Government);
          - Proof of payment of taxes due until the date the tax certificate request for individuals and businesses.

4. for issuing permits individuals and family associations
- Copies of identity documents;
- When carrying out activities in the context of the right of establishment - documents proving the domicile or residence;
- Medical certificate for individuals, that each family member of the association, stating the health status allows this activity for which authorization is required, issued by the family doctor or a hospital ward;
- Statement on own responsibility that meets the specified operating conditions of specific legislation in the sanitary, veterinary, environmental protection, labor protection and defense against fire, and specific consumer protection regulations for work performed and the quality of products and services offered on the market;
- Copies of documents proving training or, where appropriate, professional experience, for the activities for which authorization is requested.